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Best Bed & Breakfast in Merida

Best Bed & Breakfast in Merida

17 November 2007 Reader's Polls, Destinations 42

This week, Working Gringa's father and stepmother are coming to town. They are staying the month in Akumal (escaping the impending Colorado winter for awhile) and coming to Merida for a brief sojourn, to meet the dogs and tour around the not-quite-finished house. Since our rental home doesn't have a comfortable place for them to stay, we were faced with the decision of where to put them up for the night.

We imagine this is not unusual for other people who live here, who often have guests that need to stay somewhere other than their home. So in service to those of us who want to give our visitors the best experience when they are visiting, here are our initial nominations for Best B&B in Merida.

They are probably (but not necessarily!) priced lower than the small hotels of our previous poll. They also probably afford the visitor a more intimate experience of Merida, since most B&B's are indeed an extension of people's homes. We realize the category has been stretched like a piece of semantic taffy in the last few years, so we are going to create our own set of rules for the purpose of this poll. Each of the B&B's nominated by us or anyone else should have five rooms or less, should have the owner or owners living onsite and should serve breakfast as part of the cost of the room.

Here are our initial five nominations. Anyone can add a nominee over the next two weeks (before November 31) by suggesting another B&B in the comment section. The voting will continue until December 31, 2007 at which point we will turn off the poll (and all the others) and in January, we will award the winners.

Oh, and just so we can avoid having to explain this multiple times, our next poll is going to be Best Budget Hotel in Merida and will be the best category for places where the owner DOESNT live or which DONT serve breakfast.

Yucatan Living's Readers Choice Polls Best B&B in Merida nominees are:

Angeles de Merida - Created by John Truax and his partner, Angeles de Merida has new expat owners who have moved in and are carrying on the Angeles de Merida tradition. The rooms are set in a multi-storied old home, beautifully renovated with the rooms all loosely centered around a courtyard with a swimming pool. The location, just down the street from Parque Santiago, is ideal for a combination of quiet getaway and tourist convenience.


Casa Santana - One of the most uniquely and personally decorated and renovated homes in Merida that we have ever seen, Casa Santana is the brainchild of Debbie LaChapelle, who lives half the year in Merida and half the year in Maine. The house is filled with folk art and antiques from Mexico and other lands of apparent enchantment. The garden is surrounded by old stone walls and features a swimming pool set among the trees. It feels miles away from downtown Merida, which it isn't.


Cascadas de Merida - Run by Ellyne (from New York) and Chucho (from Merida), this unique B&B has four modern rooms that all open to a sparkling swimming pool in the center of the property. Thanks to Chucho's ingenious construction abilities, each room boasts a glass-enclosed shower that looks out onto a waterfall. Water features are everywhere! Thanks to Ellyne, guests enjoy a delicious breakfast and lots of sound advice on what to do and what to see in Merida.


Las Arecas - Another colonial turned into a B&B, but run by a Merida local. Mauro Ruiz spruced up his family home and runs it as a modest bed and breakfast. Five rooms in the back of the house share a living and dining room and a central outdoor patio. Each room is charming and simple, with a few whimsical touches like stone sculptures or sixties-era lamps. Some rooms have kitchenettes, one has a private garden, another has a rooftop view. The location couldn't be better, close to everything.


Los Arcos de Merida - Only two guest rooms in this popular B&B. The main house and the garden are chock full of books, art, plants, furniture... enough to keep any guest busy who isn't already swimming in the large pool, enjoying a delicious breakfast by that pool or going just down the street to the center of Merida for entertainment. Rooms are tucked away in the back of the garden, away from the main house, in their own little world.


Casa Esperanza - Casa Esperanza is located in a colonial home originally built in the 1890's. Claudette and Sergio have turned this lovely building into an even lovelier and very comfortable home away from home. The rooms are painted in a bouquet of pastel colors, all within easy access of a lovely pool. Casa Esperanza is just a few blocks from the Plaza Grande, Parque Mejorada and the city's main market. Gourmet breakfast served daily.


Casa Santiago - A reader-nominated bed & breakfast, Casa Santiago is a 3-room establishment that has recently come under new management. The owners, Vince and Frank, share their home with guests and a "quiet and friendly" Boston Terrier named Felix. There is a pool in the back, breakfast served each morning and wine and cheese in the afternoons. Casa Santiago is close to the park of the same name, and just a few blocks west of the Plaza Grande.




    Cascadas de Merida es un excelente lugar para su estancia en la cuidad de Merida, la recomiendo ampliamente. (Translation: Cascadas de Merida is an excellent place for your stay in Merida. I recommend them highly)

  • Tony Orozco 15 years ago

    I have been to Casacdas de Merida on many occasions and I cannot find the right words to begin to describe how wonderful Cascadas de Merida really is. It is truly a wonderful place that provides every commodity anyone can wish for. It is private, relaxing, comfortable, and the list goes on. The waterfalls are truly unique and give a sense of freedom in the privacy of this Oasis. I cannot say enough about Cascadas de Merida; it is truly a paradise that brings a unique experience. Of course impossible to forget the best hosts Chucho and Ellyne, who are like family. They are truly the nicest people on the surface of this earth who will do anything to make your stay memorable. In summary there simply is no better place than Cascadas de Merida!

  • Mickey 15 years ago

    Just stumbled across this. What can I add to the things people have already said about Cascadas de Merida that hasn't already been said? Not much, but I am happy to see that others feel the way I do. I'm so happy for Ellyne and Chucho, just the nicest people.

  • JaNette 15 years ago

    I've been in CASCADAS DE MERIDA plenty of times, I can assure you there's no better B&B in Merida than this. Peaceful enviroment, friendly service and lovely Hosts! Chucho is the funniest guy in town and Ellyne a person who would do everything there's in her hand to make you feel at home.
    I highly reccomend it if you really wanna enjoy your time in Merida.

  • meghan 15 years ago

    If you want tranquility and privacy within the walls of cascading waterfalls, you must stay at Cascadas de Merida. It is simply the most interesting B&B in Merida. Ellyne and Chucho are friendlyand fun ,and do everything they can to make your trip memorable. They help you arrange excursions as well as educate you on Yucatan history and "must sees". ¡Viva Cascadas de Merida!

  • Keith & Char Glaser 15 years ago

    We have stayed at a couple of places in Merida and without question the best has been Cascadas de Merida. Whether it is for us or friends, I cannot imagine staying anywhere else. I am sure a number of the B&B's nominated have great facilities but it is the personal touches provided by Ellyne and Chucho that make Cascadas our favorite. Literally within minutes of arriving we felt we were visiting old friends. I am proud to say that now that feeling is reality.

  • Barbara 15 years ago

    Nowhere in Merida surpasses Cascadas de Merida in comfort, conveniences, style, charm and hospitality. The suites are the most private of any B & B I've stayed at anywhere, and Ellyne and Chucho are the most gracious and helpful hosts. It is a true gem!

  • Bonnie Leal 15 years ago

    I've been at Cascadas de Merida 3 times in the last 3 years. It's small, well appointed and relaxing. I was there just after they opened and the place continues to be particularly well maintained and clean. Ellyne and Chucho have always be happy to answer questions and make suggestions of places to go, things to do, places to eat, etc., and I have always enjoyed whoever the other guests happened to be. It's within walking distance of the Centro in a place that gives you some flavor of a neighborhood while still being both charming and comfortable and modern. I consider myself lucky that they have space for me.

  • Jordan 15 years ago

    Cascadas de Merida is great! Highly recommended. Chucho and Ellyne are wonderful and the delicious breakfast is the highlight of the day. B & B is peaceful and beautiful and a hidden gem.

  • NORMA MURPHY 15 years ago

    I spent a week at Cascadas, and enjoyed every minute of it. Needless to say the location was perfect and Cascadas was fantastic. I especially loved Ellyne and Chucho. As hosts, they made you feel like family, like a long lost relative. I liked Ellyne's meals and her Mexican art collection, and Chucho's sense of humor.

  • Maureen 15 years ago

    Cascadas de Merida is a wonderful B and B. It is a lovely oasis of peace and beauty amidst the calles of Merida. The rooms are comfortable and the pool provides a beautiful setting in which to relax. The abundant breakfast is a great way to start the day! Ellen and Chucho are friendly, extremely welcoming and helpful. Definitely the best B & B in town!

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