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Hurricane Dean Update Video

Hurricane Dean Update Video

22 August 2007 Video, Consulates & Int'l Alliances 25

“This is a price one pays for living in a privileged place — the Caribbean,” he said, as he looked at the downed trees in the town square. “Nature collects a toll from us.”
-Alvaro Sosa Marvil, veteranarian from Chetumal City as quoted in the New York Times

This video is for those who have family, friends, homes or businesses in and around Merida or on the northern Gulf Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula but were not here during Hurricane Dean. No te preocupes. You'll see that the effects of Hurricane Dean on this area during the peak storm hours on Tuesday, August 21st, were not much worse than a blustery autumn day in the States. While we know that there are many in the southeast of the Peninsula who did not escape the worst of the storm, this video shows that those in the northwest are unharmed.


  • ron and john 16 years ago

    Thanks Ellen - What a relief to know that Merida, our future home and the friends we've made there were spared the worst from Dean. The video was fantastic - those guys at The Weather Chanel could really take a lesson from you!

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Vanessa 16 years ago

    I have to say, finding your website has been a blessing. I have lived in L.A. for 11 years and this is the FIRST site that gives me the information that I have always wanted about Merida, you guys have everything ! THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting all this work.
    ps. this video has given me more information than any other website or tv program. my sister told me that it was no more than a "nortecito" but seeing with my own eyes now i feel more in peace. once again. thank you

  • Tom Traghella 16 years ago

    Would like to thank you tremendously for the video on Merida during the hurricane. We have a house in centro and were very much concerned. You are doing a fabulous job with your reporting. Will be in Merida the end of October. Thank you again for a job well done!!! Mucho gracias!!!

  • Fabienne 16 years ago

    your voice and your choice of words are as magical and exotic as the hurricane itself.absolutly beautiful

  • Ron Mader 16 years ago

    Excellent reporting! We are adding a link to this feature from the Yucatan topic in our Mexico forum

  • Roque Joaquin Moguel 16 years ago

    Hey thanks for the heads up! Looks like things are looking as good as usual! I'm heading there for my parents 30 year wedding anniversary. I'll be in Chelem most of the time I'm there, so if you're in the area stop by and say hi!

  • Brenda Thornton 16 years ago

    Thank you for the reporting, and I am so happy that the area has been largely spared.

  • KAT 16 years ago

    Muchisimias gracias! As others have said above, your timely, high-quality reporting allows those of us up north to put our minds at ease. Be well.

  • Tray 16 years ago

    You have put my mind at ease, thank you! Working Gringo's, you are THE BEST!

  • anne 16 years ago

    Your report on hurricane Dean was outstanding. The quality of the video as well as the timing of the commentary gave a great sense of relief to those who have interest in the Merida area. Other than your report, it was impossible to obtain information on the effects of the hurricane in Merida. Thank you for your efforts and the considerable talent you bring to your publications. I, personally, cannot thank you enough for educating me on the Yucatan.

  • mike 16 years ago

    great info i cannot wait to visit the area--interested in retirement there

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