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  • Paul Ziegler, Mexican Art Collector

    4 October 2011 Art, Music & Lit

    Artists create art, but it is the collectors who support them that allow them to flourish in their craft. Here we profile a local and prolific collector of Mexican art, Paul Ziegler, and focus on his vast collection of Mexican pottery...

  • AANY Art Show Spring 2011

    21 March 2011 Art, Music & Lit

    The sixth AANY show featuring Yucatan-based artisans is coming up on April 2 and 3. Look at how the community works together to make this increasingly popular event happen...

  • Knives by Jeff Ware

    22 February 2011 Art, Music & Lit

    This is the story of Jeff Ware, who came to Merida to fulfill a life-long dream and renew his passion for making knives.

  • Katherine de Barrueta

    17 May 2010 Art, Music & Lit

    Katherine de Barrueta's art is lifted from fossil records and butterfly wings, bringing two dimensional records into a three dimensional world. And it begs the question... what is left behind?

  • AANY Art Show Returns!

    12 March 2010 Art, Music & Lit

    The AANY program of finding Yucatan artists who create original designs and quality products has continued to grow. On March 20 and 21, their fourth show will be held in a new location. Read about it and definitely, don't miss it!

  • Doug Tanoury, Poet

    18 December 2009 Art, Music & Lit

    Something about the Yucatan and Merida awakens the poet in many of us. Imagine what it does for someone like Doug Tanoury, an actual, real-life poet...

  • Handmade Art in Merida

    17 October 2009 Art, Music & Lit

    There really is some amazing handmade art being created in the Yucatan, but it has taken a group of dedicated artlovers to search it out and work with the artists to bring it to Merida. Come to the AANY Arte A Mano show to see what they have found...

  • Juan Carlos Lomónaco & The Symphony

    11 September 2009 Art, Music & Lit, People & Interviews

    Juan Carlos Lomónaco, the new director of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra gives Yucatan Living an interview about his work and the program for their fall season "Sounds of the World".

  • Singing About Scissors: José Adán Pérez

    30 May 2009 Art, Music & Lit, People & Interviews

    The Barber of Seville was performed in Merida, with José Adán Pérez in the leading role of Figaro. This young man from Mazatlán has come a long way in a very short time...

  • Merida Art Review

    26 May 2009 Art, Music & Lit

    There seems to be a lot more going on in the Merida Art World these days... here's a quick update on random events, people and circumstances that we find interesting...

  • Merida Art Update - November 2008

    24 November 2008 Art, Music & Lit

    The snowbirds are flying in for the winter, the heat is abating (a little more than necessary this week...) and the Merida Art Scene is heating up for the winter. Here's a quick rundown of what's new...

  • Merida Gets Realism

    20 October 2008 Art, Music & Lit

    Merida's beautiful weather, colonial architecture and laid-back culture has recently attracted an accomplished realist, whose portraits and other paintings sell so quickly, we may never see any of them. Not to worry... Harold McAnaney's history, perspective and influence are a welcome addition to Merida's growing art community...

  • Artesanias Creativas - AANY

    9 June 2008 Art, Music & Lit

    Have you been looking for some creative folk art in the Yucatan? We thought so... so have we. Save your pesos for the next upcoming AANY show...

  • Benjamin Ramirez, Gentleman Artist

    17 April 2008 Art, Music & Lit

    Benjamin Ramirez is the epitome of a gentleman. But like many of the colonial homes in Merida, behind the stately facade lives an artistry of unexpected color and light...

  • Carla Zarebska: Not Forgetting

    5 December 2007 Art, Music & Lit

    Carla Zarebska's art is the art of searching, interviewing, asking, collecting, finding, organizing and ultimately, the art of remembering. Her books are graphic and literary, with something for both casual and serious readers...

  • David Sierra... Jumping Into The Void

    14 November 2007 Art, Music & Lit

    David Sierra has been a steady contributor to the art scene in Merida since he returned from New York and Chiapas in 1985. We sat down with him in his studio to find out more about him and to take a look around his world...

  • Samuel Barrera - Merida Surrealist Painter

    29 September 2007 Art, Music & Lit

    After many years of recognition in Mexico City and the United States, local artist Samuel Barrera begins to show his unique surreal paintings in the museums and galleries of Merida...

  • Artists in Mexico

    23 April 2007 Art, Music & Lit

    A colonial Merida art gallery near Parque Santa Ana displays art from two Mexican artists. Melva comes from Morelia, Abel from Oaxaca. They both studied in Mexico City and are creating a new life (and great art!) in Merida...

  • The Dying Art of Rotulos

    20 January 2007 Art, Music & Lit

    José Góngora may paint Se Vende signs for his day job, but when he gets off work, he trains his eye and paintbrush on reproductions of famous Mexican calendar art...

  • Favorite Son of Merida: Alberto Castillo

    14 January 2007 Art, Music & Lit

    Alberto Castillo's paintings grace the walls of many homes and hotels in Merida. The Working Gringos visit the artist in his natural habitat, which is a jungle of art and history...

  • Renaissance Modern: Salvador Baeza

    20 July 2006 Art, Music & Lit, People & Interviews

    Salvado lives and paints here in Merida where he shares his home with his actress/dancer wife and their daughter. As he puts it, he 'steals' space from them to have his art studio...

  • You Don't See This Every Day

    11 February 2006 Art, Music & Lit

    Our first reaction to this was, wow! Its art! This would not be out of place in a SoHo gallery...

  • Mayaland Stained Glass

    5 December 2005 Art, Music & Lit

    If you are going to Chichen Itza, consider walking out the back entrance towards Mayaland (or driving around and parking there) to check out these beautiful stained glass windows...

  • Love those floors!

    18 November 2005 Art, Music & Lit, Real Estate FYI

    One of the first things we noticed about properties for sale here in Merida was the floors. No kidding. Because many of the floors, even in the most humble of stores or homes, are covered with beautiful mosaico tiles...

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