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  • Yucatan News: Cruises Return

    19 May 2009 News

    This week, of course there is news about H1N1, but not the news you're used to. Also, Mexico's activity at the United Nations, PEMEX in Campeche and preparations for hurricane season.

  • Yucatan News: Is Not All About the Flu

    11 May 2009 News

    Latest report on Influenza, Mexico is open for business but cruise ships will be slow to return. There are new drug laws in the Constitution and there will soon be a Mayan canoe journey in honor of the goddess Ixchel. Read all about these stories and more in Yucatan Living's weekly news roundup!

  • Yucatan News: Flu Updates

    4 May 2009 News

    This week, the news is still pretty much all about the H1N1 virus. We're not worried, and we don't think you should be either. But it's good to stay informed...

  • Yucatan News: All About the Flu

    28 April 2009 News

    Everyone is talking about the flu that has broken out in Mexico and in various other places around the world (though not yet in the Yucatan, as far as we know...). There are other things going on too...

  • Yucatan News: Chupacabras & Other Wild Things

    20 April 2009 News

    A possible chupacabra event in the interior, and a confirmed sighting of a US President in Mexico City. On top of that, Semana Santa is over and the Yucatan teams are getting ready to play in the Mexican National Olympics...

  • Yucatan News: Let's Go to Havana

    14 April 2009 News

    A new agency that organizes trip to Havana, Cuba, Easter eggs, Mexico assumes presidency of the UN Security Council, new noise abatement laws and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Here Comes the Heat

    6 April 2009 News

    Read about new real estate license requirements, the Yucatan cinnamon hummingbird and what appears to be in store for us weather-wise...

  • Yucatan News: Improvements Everywhere

    31 March 2009 News

    This week there is news on many fronts... from genetically modified corn to a new computer network system for IMSS, to the Whale Shark Festival. Read all about it here...

  • News: Obama comes to Mexico

    24 March 2009 News

    News this week includes good news about plastic bags and important news about Mexican/American relations. In the Yucatan, the dry season and grouper fishing season have both begun...

  • News: Radical Mayan Women

    16 March 2009 News

    This week, news on book exchanges and donations, radical Mayan women at the UN and other places, what's happening at the Convention Center this week, bartering rules and a call for reducing electrical consumption.

  • Yucatan News: Spring Break Tourism

    9 March 2009 News

    It seems like everyone in the media is worried about the dangers of traveling to Mexico... not us! not anyone WE know! the Yucatan continues to be a safe and lovely place to live and visit, and we're gearing up for Easter and Spring Break...

  • Lots of Good Yucatan News

    3 March 2009 News

    In the news this week, oil, hospitals, solar ovens, Wal-Mart of Mexico, tourism numbers up, indigenous education, an ecologically sound golf course, young love, volunteering, and our answer (yet again) to all that bad news in the media about violence in Mexico...

  • Yucatan... Getting Better and Better!

    20 February 2009 News

    In the city, it's all about Carnival! Also in the news, Valladolid and Izamal, a gathering of RVers, and another one of bloggers. Merida Insider is coming back, and Progreso continues to get better and better.

  • Yucatan News: Whale Sharks & Wild Fires

    14 February 2009 News

    This week, a look into the future of tourism in the Yucatan, some news from China, lemon dumping, a new kind of glass comes to Merida and a whole lot more, como siempre!

  • Yucatan News: Book Exchange and more

    9 February 2009 News

    This week, Yale University weighs in on the near future of the Yucatan. We also report on the future of green travel, a local art group doing some creative marketing, Mexican economic observations and some amazing young people...

  • News: French Expats & Progreso Bridge

    3 February 2009 News

    This week, find out about new programs for kids, an organization for French expats in the Yucatan, a big fish, ancient Mayan ways and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Trees, AA and Henry Ponce

    24 January 2009 News

    The Yucatan Peninsula is on its 28th norte this week, and more coming. Also, children planting trees, AA in Tizimin, annual women's dances and Mexican wind farms...

  • News: Change is Coming to Merida

    17 January 2009 News

    News about the Symphony, license plates, a new paralympic center and what a local group is doing to answer Barack Obama's call to service on the day before his inauguration.

  • Yucatan News: Vote for Yucatan Living!

    13 January 2009 News

    This week, the news includes everything from aloe vera to church restorations. And Yucatan Living has been nominated for Lonely Planet's Best Expat Blog... but we could use more nominations. Find out more inside...

  • Yucatan News: Children and Chicle

    5 January 2009 News

    This week, there is news about chicle, the biodegradable ingredients in chewing gum, sourced in the Yucatan, that is making a comeback. Also, enterprising kids, kids that are studying hard and even some "young gringos" too!

  • Yucatan News: Last one of 2008

    23 December 2008 News

    The Yucatan Symphony has a new director, Mexico supports gay rights, Chinese tourism and some blogs of interest... Happy End of 2008! See you again in 2009!

  • Yucatan News: Real Estate Tax Changes

    16 December 2008 News

    New laws about avoiding tax when selling real estate, an urban vegetable farmer, a nun who became an electrician and a whole lot more as usual. There's always a lot that's new in the Yucatan!

  • Yucatan News for December 8

    8 December 2008 News

    The economic slowdown is beginning to affect the Yucatan, as seen in the orange export market out of Oxkutzcab. Also in the news, WalMart Mexico, a movie about dogs in Mexico, and information about local German ancestors...

  • Yucatan News: Miss Mexico and More!

    2 December 2008 News

    Mexico boasts the prettiest woman on the planet, how to buy a hammock, Yucatan makes software, time to renew your membership to the Merida English Library, and a cautionary tale about driving at night...

  • Yucatan News: Nortes and a CNN Hero

    24 November 2008 News

    Chinese food in small Yucatan pueblos, Medicare in Mexico, Tony Garza speaks up about the Drug War, Progreso gets spruced up, and lots of programs to help the children of Yucatan learn, grow and stay warm. It's winter in the Yucatan!

  • Yucatan News: Highway Through Hell

    18 November 2008 News

    We have news in the food department, and news about travel... in this world and in another world. We've got free Viagra and Partially Gimp Geezers. It's a strange week... welcome to the Yucatan!

  • Yucatan News: Obama, Flamingos & more

    11 November 2008 News

    We've got it all this week! First, a hearty congratulations to our new President-elect, Barack Obama! And then on to more local news, including baby hippos, flooding again in Tabasco, HIV testing in the Yucatan, the Panamerican Race and a whole lot more...

  • Yucatan News: Mexican economy, weather & winners

    3 November 2008 News

    News about cenotes, the economy, the Merida English Library, solar energy, Day of the Dead altars, and, of course, much more...

  • Yucatan News: Expat Votes Count

    28 October 2008 News

    As we head into the final stretch of US elections, we also are heading into Day of the Dead festivities, the most visible of which will be right in the center of town at the Plaza Grande...

  • Yucatan News: Cuba and Chetumal

    20 October 2008 News

    Everyone is busy getting ready for Dia de Los Muertos, so Yucatan Living investigated the news of Yucatan north of the border to see what Yucatecos are up to and how our state is being represented. It couldn’t get much better than what we found!

  • Yucatan News: New Progreso Pier

    14 October 2008 News

    A new pier is being built in Progreso, Yucatan children continue to release baby turtles, a new president for Mexican expats, a rumour about Cuba, good news for habanero farmers and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Tekax and Beach Plants

    7 October 2008 News

    This week, information about restoring coastal ecosystems, about the historic city of Tekax, tourism in the Yucatan, obesity in Mexico and a creative way to stop crime and corruption among the police that is being tried in the state of Michoacan.

  • Yucatan News: Mexican Space Agency

    29 September 2008 News

    This week’s news began with dreams of outer space and heroes of long ago… and then it went straight to the dogs! Read on to discover news of the past, the present, and the future of the State of Yucatan.

  • Yucatan News: Support our Students!

    23 September 2008 News

    Read about supporting some deserving students, the town of Conkal, pitahaya production woes, our favorite Yucatan naturalist and the range of prices here for vacation rental homes... it's all here in the News from Yucatan Living!

  • Yucatan News: Martha Stewart and Mayas

    16 September 2008 News

    A new land bridge in Progreso, a need for blood donors, Martha Stewart visits Merida, TV and radio news, Trova goes to Michigan, the Mexican Nationality Act, education news and so much more...

  • Yucatan News: Trees, Parks and Education

    8 September 2008 News

    There is a lot of news about the state of the planet in the Yucatan: free trees to plant, new parks in Merida, organic farms in the Yucatan, etc. There's also updates about police activity, a new law about tinted windows and another law about teachers who have to speak Mayan. Check it out...

  • Yucatan News: Olympic Wrapup & More

    1 September 2008 News

    Last week, we were all on vacation. So two weeks worth of news includes Mexicans in the Olympics, lobsters, pitahayas, and unfortunate and deadly developments in the drug war unfolding right here in Merida...

  • News: Decreto 801 and the Grand Prix

    19 August 2008 News

    An important update on Decreto 801, the law governing the Yucatan coastline. Also, guayaberas and grapefruits and even the Grand Prix. Eventually, it all comes to the Yucatan!

  • News: Tracking Turtles and Volunteers

    12 August 2008 News

    This week we feature information about saving stranded animals, the falling peso and a solar energy workshop. Even though it's temporada and the dog days of summer, there's still something going on here in the Yucatan!

  • Yucatan News: Dengue Rates Drop, EcoTourism

    5 August 2008 News

    Dengue fever rates drop, children release baby turtles into the wild, Pemex has plans for a new refinery, the Virgen of Tetiz will be celebrated... and much more!

  • Yucatan News: Mayans on Computer & More!

    28 July 2008 News

    Read here about 2007 Internet usage statistics in the Yucatan, 3D movies coming to a Cinepolis near you, a new Mexican program to help more citizens buy homes and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Dolly, 2012, Crater Museum

    21 July 2008 News

    This week the Yucatan is getting some wind and rain from Tropical Storm Dolly. Chicxulub is getting a new museum and a new film is being made about modern-day Mayans and 2012...

  • Red Tide, Progreso Malecon and Lemons!

    14 July 2008 News

    Extra! Extra! News on the Red Tide and the planned Extension of the Progreso Malecón! Read all about it here!

  • News: Cell Phones, Hospitals and Sushi!

    7 July 2008 News

    Telephone carriers decide to open the space for number portability, also learn which town is about to get two brand new hospitals, and what do you get at a cookoff between Yucateco and Caribbean gastronomy students? Read all about it here!

  • Yucatan News: Marea Roja means Red Tide

    30 June 2008 News

    This week, there is good news and bad news. The bad news first: the coast of Yucatan is experiencing a marea roja or red tide. What does this mean? Find out more here, and read the good news too!

  • Yucatan News: Laws, Children & Honey

    23 June 2008 News

    This week, Valladolid is named Honey Capital of the World and food prices on staples are frozen in Mexico. There's also news about the red tide, hawksbill turtles, ecologically-minded children and more about tomatoes...

  • Yucatan News: Lobsters & Entrepreneurs

    17 June 2008 News

    Lobster season has begun, Progreso is getting an ecological park, a new restaurant concept comes to Hunucma, someone is raising quail and rabbits here, and food prices are rising. There is a lot of news this week...

  • Yucatan News: Love, Health & Tomatoes

    9 June 2008 News

    Read all about love in the Tercera Edad (Third Age), the return of Cuarteto Genesis, how salmonella affects tomatoes in the Yucatan and how you can learn Mandarin Chinese in the Yucatan...

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