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  • Yucatan News: Hollywood in Yucatan

    20 November 2012 News

    Maya Cultural Festival, the explanation of CICY, a sea turtle warning and famous actors from Hollywood visit Tixkokob, Progreso and other places in the Yucatan...

  • Yucatan News: Cuba and Cheap Shopping

    12 November 2012 News

    This week, updates on a new book about local plants used medicinally, a strange tremor in the north, consul meetings, a man of value and a woman unexpectedly finding out how all she is, and a goodbye to Sam Woodruff...

  • Yucatan News: MEL and Harley Davidson

    5 November 2012 News

    This week we've got news about garbage and recycling, economic incubators, advancements in Valladolid's tourism marketing, a writer's conference, Merida English Library and the gathering of the Harley Davidson tribe of Mexico...

  • Yucatan News:Hanal Pixan 2012

    29 October 2012 News

    Day of the Dead requires banana leaves, Hurricane Sandy, regional theatre, preparing to work at a juicing company and students learning to create Formula One cars... its all in the news this week!

  • Yucatan News: Lets Clean the City!

    22 October 2012 News

    This week there is news on social networking entrepreneurs, a decrease in mosquito-borne dengue, in the news, small pork producers, rural tourism, the number of foreigners in the Yucatan and Chinese immigrants in particular...

  • Yucatan News: Watch the Weather

    14 October 2012 News

    This week's news includes a hurricane heads up, sea cucumbers, addiction recovery, tourism numbers, eggs, ballet and jazz where you wouldn't expect to find it, and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Chetumal, Chia & Cancer

    9 October 2012 News

    News this week ranges from a new fish in the waters to new traditions, new websites for local institutions, new bus fares for students and new opportunities for chia. Add to that the coming of the age-old celebration, Día de los Muertos, great news on cancer rates in Yucatan and more...

  • Yucatan News: New Governor, New House Tours

    2 October 2012 News

    This week a new governor takes office in the Governor's Palace in Merida. The new Merida English Library House & Garden tours begin, a new driving instruction school has opened and new energy is being put behind organ donation in the Yucatan. All this and more...

  • Yucatan News: Lower Crime, Higher CFE Rates

    24 September 2012 News

    This week read about lower crimes rates in Yucatan, more children in need of support to eat well, mathematics celebrates a birthday, recyclables wanted in Progreso, a nun who supports the farmers and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Passports and Fashion

    16 September 2012 News

    A Merida student fashion designer will show at Fashion Week in Vancouver, passports are being issued in record numbers, young expats in Telchac Pueblo, hurricane education in San Felipe and so much more...

  • News: Independence Day

    8 September 2012 News

    We were never more impressed than our first night during el grito, surrounded by a jubilant crowd of Meridanos who all smelled like baby powder yelling Viva Mexico! It happens again this week, among rising lobster tail prices, helmet laws and more.

  • News: New Ayuntamiento

    3 September 2012 News

    This week, Valladolid officially becoms a pueblo mágico, a new city government is sworn in, the student restaurant at Glion opens for its seasonal business, Mexico's industry continues to do exceptionally well, Progreso welcomes Canadians, oil is discovered and the arts flourish...

  • Yucatan News: Eggs, Trees and the 3Rs

    27 August 2012 News

    This week news about reforestation, the price of eggs, children get new musical instruments, a major golf tournament gets underway in the Yucatan, the senior in Peto get healthy and much more...

  • Yucatan News: New US Consul

    19 August 2012 News

    This week we meet the new US Consul, hear about craft training classes in Motul, farmer's markets in various towns around the Peninsula, tourism numbers during the summer, and the Campeche Adventure Challenge...

  • Yucatan News: New Mayor Soon

    13 August 2012 News

    This week's news includes scholarships for UADY graduates (know any?), legal logging and planting of Yucatan forests, certified chile habaneros, the effects of Ernesto on our communities and the imminent installation of Merida's new mayor...

  • Yucatan News: Ernesto, Fruit, Lobsters

    4 August 2012 News

    This week, more good news about and for dogs and children in Merida and for students in Valladolid. Information on the Merida English Library, arts classes for children, fruit prices and an update on a possible Hurricane Ernesto...

  • Yucatan News: Summer and Museums

    29 July 2012 News

    This week news about sea cucumber poaching, kids out from school, anti-smoking laws, the three Meridas, the summer museum program across Mexico and a new hospital in Motul and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Peon Contreras Remodel

    21 July 2012 News

    News about the Peon Contreras theater remodel, the release of baby turtles by children, the cost of beef, the octopus business, flamingos in formation and the puzzle of domestic tourism...

  • Yucatan News: Sandals and Sports

    17 July 2012 News

    News this week includes good news for dogs at the city pound, a city close to Merida has great sandal prices, a promise of sports support by the incoming governor of Yucatan, tourism in 2012, increase in pay for Progreso Port Police, and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Chess and Christmas in July

    10 July 2012 News

    The Yucatan news this week includes a well-attended upcoming chess tournament (all are invited!), an impressive number of Phd graduates, progress in both pre-natal care and in detection of diabetes among the population that most needs it, and, of course, the beginning of summer and la temporada. Enjoy...

  • Yucatan News: New Clinic, New President

    3 July 2012 News

    This week, details on the new vet clinic in Chelem, results of the recent vote for President and others, the reversal of the "pets in cabin" declaration, Merida gets a beautiful magazine spread and more!

  • Yucatan News: Rain and Rotary

    25 June 2012 News

    News this week includes where in the world Yucatan college students are studying, how the Rotarians and Scouts are contributing to the health and well being of the State of Yucatan and its people, the recognition of the great job done in lighting Merida's cathedral and what to expect during the upcoming elections...

  • Yucatan News: Hurricanes and Growing Pains

    19 June 2012 News

    This week, growing pains in Valladolid and growing strong in Caucel. A new idea for those who market honey, a new blog, kudos for Mexico in areas of fishing and climate change, MeetUp in Merida is having a birthday, and much much more!

  • Yucatan News: Honey and Handbags

    12 June 2012 News

    This week, the news covers everything from honey to handbags! We've got a CAPP program to help scholars in college, pet hotels, a birthday for AA in Yucatan, a lot of good information about jatropha, and much more... read all about it!

  • Yucatan News: Clothes and Conferences

    5 June 2012 News

    This week, hurricanes vs. cyclones, a conscientious wholesaler of embroidered clothing from South America, a family of Yucatecan weightlifters, the continuing story of tilapia in the Yucatan, a school fire drill in Valladolid, and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Memorial Day and Cacti

    29 May 2012 News

    News this week includes a brief moment to acknowledge Memorial Day, information about Projecto Itzaes, a medical partnership with Michigan, literary games and young entrepreneus projects. Read on...

  • Yucatan News: Renewed Maya Traditions

    22 May 2012 News

    This week, sign the petition to United Airlines about pets traveling in-cabin to Mexico, read about beach cleanup and breathalyzers, marvel at a new sports center and the renewal of old customs, and get the inside scoop on the T20 lunch at Hacienda Chichen...

  • News: Yolisto!

    15 May 2012 News

    This week, lots of news that originated on our sister site, including news about the not-so-new and not-so-legal air travel rule from United Airlines and what people are doing about it, and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Heat and Helmets

    8 May 2012 News

    News this week includes a contest for local children about the Mayan culture, helmet laws, heat and health warnings, the meeting of the T20 here in Merida to discuss global tourism and great news about the increasingly humane treatment of companion animals in Merida...

  • Yucatan News: Pets and Sports

    1 May 2012 News

    This week there is news about sports, cooperation between the three cities named Merida, the corner stores we know and love, a gift from Planned Pethood to the dogs and cats of Merida and an age-old story of rivalry between two Yucatecan cities...

  • Yucatan News: Ducks and Donors

    24 April 2012 News

    News this week is full of rubber ducks, a hurricane scale update, distance learning for college classes, something called Project Yucatan and more...

  • Yucatan News: Asthma and Agriculture

    17 April 2012 News

    This week, as Semana Santa draws to a close and everyone returns to normal life, we have a lot of news about organic and hydroponic agriculture, voting for children, the growing incidence of asthma in the Yucatan and a recap of tourism numbers...

  • Yucatan News: Distance Learning in Mexico

    9 April 2012 News

    Information about the damage at the zoo, the recent killings by a suspected chupacabra, distance learning that is free in Mexico and a new Jobs Board on this website... all in this week's news!

  • Yucatan News: Sailboats and Spring Break

    3 April 2012 News

    This week, a composition written by a Merida resident and conducted by a Merida native, news about the Scouts in Yucatan, a new hyperbaric chamber for O'Horan Hospital (a first in Latin America), art in Progreso and public swimming pools...

  • Yucatan News: Volunteers in Yucatan

    27 March 2012 News

    This week in the Yucatan we find it is the beginning of the two weeks of Semana Santa. We have news about butterflies, motocross, the Equinox, Maya art and volunteering...

  • Yucatan News: End of Days of the Dead

    1 November 2011 News

    News of the Yucatan this week includes Hanal Pixan, Tony Bennett, Frommer's 2012 List of Top Destinations, where to shop on a Saturday and bus tips between Merida and Cancun...

  • Yucatan News: Expat Update

    25 October 2011 News

    This week, in celebration of our newest web family member,, we have news all about what expatriates are doing around the Yucatan Peninsula...

  • Yucatan News: Poets and Migrants

    18 October 2011 News

    This week, a new website by UADY, a chance to become a Charter Member of the Valladolid English Library, fashion designers in Hunucma, Migrant Poets on the US-Mexico border and a Tale of Two Cities...

  • News: Underpass Open to Traffic

    11 October 2011 News

    This week, the Paseo de Montejo underpass opened to traffic, conversational Maya courses are available online through UADY, news about tech support in the parks and the price of gasoline in Yucatan, and an update on the French sailing competition that ends in Progreso in April...

  • Yucatan News: Water and Wind

    3 October 2011 News

    This week learn about keeping your tinaco clean, about one family's experience with wind power, rattlesnakes near Oxkutzcab, an Eco Children's conference and a Mayan ceremony of Thanks...

  • Yucatan News: Finance and Figure Skating

    27 September 2011 News

    This week, a few articles about the value of the peso and the exchange rate, as well as the Yucatan in China, the Mexican Figure Skating Nationals, the Habitat program, planting trees, a strategic alliance between UADY and MIT, and additional information about Clenbuterol...

  • Yucatan News: Izamal's Favorite Pope

    26 April 2011 News

    This week, news about the beatification of the Pope, information about the Yaax Ha Ecological Center, single women adopting children in the Yucatan and the sad fact about street dogs in Progreso during Easter...

  • Yucatan News: Ladies of Progreso

    19 April 2011 News

    This week, Progreso is full of news because that is where half the state goes to enjoy the beach for Semana Santa. Also, Manzanero and Son, a new festival announced for Oxkutzcab and an upcoming domino tournament...

  • Yucatan News: Ferry? Is the Ice Safe?

    12 April 2011 News

    This week, is the ice safe in your drink? Do you want a ferry service from Florida to Progreso? Do you know why Edith Wilson met President Calderon? Do you know what they are doing in Motul these days? Did you know they found new oil fields near Villahermosa? All this and more...

  • Yucatan News: Libraries and Earthworms

    5 April 2011 News

    In the news this week, indigenous women receive huge national grants to develop crafts, the Confederation of Mexican Pork met in Merida and issued an important statement, the FIBA Championships are coming to our fair city, and earthworms are catching on...

  • News: Hurricanes, Fish and Food

    29 March 2011 News

    Read about tourism in Mexico and Yucatan, what you need to do to prepare for hurricane season, a Yucatecan Restaurant in LA and a lot more here on Yucatan Living!

  • Yucatan News: Adoptions and Windmills

    21 March 2011 News

    In the news this week, adoptions are rising in the Yucatan, windpower is gaining momentum throughout Mexico, spotlight on a locksmith in Progreso, COPARMEX does good in Kanxoc and the Brazos Abiertos House Tour is a rousing success...

  • Yucatan News - Spring Break

    15 March 2011 News

    This week's news includes lambs and sheep, the opening of the US-Mexico border to Mexican trucks, a growing population and its city parks, the good news about Spring Break and a new ambulance in Progreso...

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