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  • Yucatan News: DNA and Ceremonies

    21 January 2015 News

    This week's news includes information about the DNA of Yucatan, courting business investment, Maya ceremonies that take place every sixteen years, 3D printing for animals and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Lobsters and Bees

    13 January 2015 News

    The news this week features lots of news about the seas surrounding the Yucatan Peninsula, animal protection laws, Russian tourism, the Canton Palace in Merida, Africanized bees, where to recycle your Christmas tree and more...

  • Yucatan News: Ayuntatel and Crime

    6 January 2015 News

    This week's news includes various activities and programs that the city of Merida and the state of Yucatan are beginning, as well as some excellent statistics of crime and safety...

  • Yucatan News: Horses and Graves

    16 December 2014 News

    This week, new places to shop, a Mayan girl with special musical talents, Yucatecan horse associations, a virtual library and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Tizimin and the Virgen

    9 December 2014 News

    News this week about accommodations for the disabled, a new cultural center, the meeting of Mexico's Tourism industry here in Merida, the ecological laws regarding building along the Yucatan Gulf Coast, security over the holidays, a meteor shower, and more...

  • Yucatan News: Carnival Decision

    3 December 2014 News

    This week, news about crocodiles, inclusion of the disabled, a deaf PhD. in Merida, adopting the national code of criminal procedure, laugh therapy for policemen and the government's decision about where to hold Carnival in 2015...

  • Yucatan News: Green Gold and Public Health

    24 November 2014 News

    This week, news about henequen, Mexican absentee voting, immigration numbers of expatriates in Yucatan, the importance of the 3 for 1 program and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Pedestrians and Pilgrimages

    17 November 2014 News

    This week, news about pedestrians, the Guadalupana pilgrimages, medical missions, holiday shenanigans in Hunucma, the current fish market in Yucalpeten, the rising costs of diabetes in Yucatan and the lost productivity at work due to cel phones...

  • Yucatan News: Vote for Yucatan Living

    12 November 2014 News

    This week, news about the underwater museum in Cancun, two successful young men, a dengue vaccine, more troubadours than police and more...

  • Yucatan News: Cemeteries and Mosquitos

    3 November 2014 News

    This week, news about young men from Otzkutzcab getting college scholarships, a missing ship found off Veracruz, the persistence of mosquitoes in the face of nortes, and trick-or-treating in Maxcanu...

  • Yucatan News: Aguinaldos and Solar Energy

    27 October 2014 News

    This week, read about the province of Anhui in China, now Merida's sister city. Also read about preparations for Hanal Pixan (Day of the Dead), aguinaldos, solar energy plants, Mexico's turkeys, criminals in Yucatan, Maya gastronomy of the past, Conalep and much more!

  • Yucatan News: Jaguars and Macaws

    20 October 2014 News

    This week, news about cliff diving in Valladolid, macaws on the Yucatan Peninsula, education about jaguars and other wild cats, Yucatan's rate of breast cancer and the flu shot...

  • Yucatan News: Milan and The Mayas

    13 October 2014 News

    This week in Yucatan, read about a new flight between Milan and Merida, new discoveries at Uxmal, Yucatecans getting ready for Day of the Dead and Xmatkuil, and more...

  • Yucatan News: Chefs and Animals

    6 October 2014 News

    This week, news about art in Valladolid, potholes, prohibited animals confiscated in Baca, free trash pickup in Merida, a treasured Yucatan chef goes to China, the normalization of the Maya language, an anti-bullying contest and more...

  • Yucatan News: Dogs and Weather

    29 September 2014 News

    This week news about Progreso, Animaya, the increasing importance of Merida as a convention destination and some recent conventions held here, spay & neuter clinics and more...

  • Yucatan News: Traditional Medicine

    22 September 2014 News

    Cattle sales improve, a condominium act, the rise and fall of lemons, great news in aquaculture, foreign adoptions, a traditional medicine convention, DNA research and much more... check it out!

  • Yucatan News: Maps & Forensic Labs

    14 September 2014 News

    The Yucatan News this week includes the announcement of a state-of-the-art forensic lab in Merida, updated maps by Google of the entire Yucatan Peninsula, road hazards due to rain, laptops to teachers, conventions in Merida and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Street Vendors & Illegal Pets

    8 September 2014 News

    This week, illegal pets being seized by PROFEPA, the growth of Oxkutzcab, avocado prices falling, the changing fate of street vendors, the supremacy of Chichen Itza and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Storms and Mexico Fest

    1 September 2014 News

    This week's news is about many different kinds of delicious food from Yucatan, a caution about upcoming weather patterns, a chance to sponsor a program at AFAD, a Yucateco in charge of a new Mexican police force, and more...

  • Yucatan News: Flights & Firefighting

    25 August 2014 News

    This week, holiday accident statistics, a turtle onslaught, seeds and spices from Maya women sent around the world, a new orchid garden, Merida's fire fighters and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Basketball & Robbery

    19 August 2014 News

    This week, news about city-sponsored recycling programs, about the ongoing possibility of a hurricane, a new breast-cancer clinic in Conkal, NBA in Mexico, bus robbery and an interesting website for Maya information...

  • Yucatan News: Quality of Life

    11 August 2014 News

    This week the news includes global entrepreneurs, a fifteen-foot long alligator, an illegally-parked trailer, refurbishing of the Chembech market, safety at the beach and a snake bite near Progreso...

  • Yucatan News: Smiles and Rabbits

    4 August 2014 News

    This week, rabbits (and more rabbits!), shoes in Ticul, the growth of Yucatan state, Merida's future as a convention center, Yucatan adoptions, testing the new light show at Chichen Itza, Museum Month and more...

  • Yucatan News: Honey & Libraries

    28 July 2014 News

    This week there is news about learning good citizenship at the library in Tizimin, honey production, teens in Peto helping out, and a number of new programs and events in Progreso...

  • Yucatan News: Beach, Turtles and Ferry

    22 July 2014 News

    This week, there is news about turtle nests, the ferry to Yucatan, the Beekman Photography collection, David Sterling's new cookbook, Maya mathematics and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Cuisine & Turbonadas

    14 July 2014 News

    This week's news includes articles about the recent turbonada, organ donation, Yucatan honey production, illegal wood seizures, a new Japanese restaurant and more...

  • Yucatan News: Models and Maps

    8 July 2014 News

    This week's news includes turtle nests, entrepreneurs, builders of scale models of airplanes, spacecrafts, ships, tanks, etc. as well as dengue fever, Tekax, shoe sales and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Travel & Mushrooms

    1 July 2014 News

    In this week's news, mushroom farming, travel as education, the upgrading of Peto, beauty queens, a new Merida English Library website and much more!

  • Yucatan News: Underwater Photos

    23 June 2014 News

    This week, Progreso has a birthday, 5 beautiful puppies need an indoor life, Valladolid helping burn victims, the Merida Poliforum is now world class, 3D photography underwater and more...

  • Yucatan News: Blood Drive in Yucatan

    16 June 2014 News

    This week, a blood drive, a new sleep laboratory at UADY, Soccer versus the Circus, teaching young children about nutrition, the scout troops of Yucatan and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Wet Weather

    9 June 2014 News

    This week, news about mangroves & seagrass, the biological preserve of Kaxil Kiuic, Africanized bees, swimming with manatees, cities within cities and more...

  • Yucatan News: Turtles and Ticul

    2 June 2014 News

    This week in the news, Tizimin struggles with dogs and cats, Ticul's shoe industry grows, turtles lay eggs, replicas are made and shown at Siglo XXI and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Street Drains!

    26 May 2014 News

    This week there is news about new street drains in Merida, healthy Yucatecan pigs, senior INAPAM games and the results of a medicinal plant conference...

  • Yucatan News: Horses and Hurricanes

    19 May 2014 News

    This week's news includes solar power for Izamal, the first ever horse fair in Tizimin, rising dengue numbers, a chance to help children with cancer at O'Horan Hospital, and Yucatan being celebrated throughout Mexico...

  • Yucatan News: Art & Culture

    12 May 2014 News

    This week, a fair in Valladolid, a cultural craft center in Progreso, papayas shipped in style, children in fashion shows and art for students with disabilities. Enjoy!

  • Yucatan News: Bakeries & Weightlifting

    6 May 2014 News

    This week, news about drainage, the end of fire season, a weighlifting student from UADY, new life for bakeries in the Yucatan, a pipeline to Guatemala, the meeting of the Caribbean States and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Caribbean Chiefs of State

    28 April 2014 News

    This week Merida hosts the chiefs of state from the Caribbean countries, there is news about whalesharks and lionfish, new discoveries in Chichen Itza's cenote, temperatures are soaring and the Yucatan's favorite Pope is canonized...

  • Yucatan News: Maquilas & Mobiles

    21 April 2014 News

    This week's news includes information about Idaho, Utah, funding students in Yucatan, mobile phones in Mexico, a drug financing blacklist, manufacturing in Mexico and paying taxes with art...

  • Yucatan News: Chicken and Gloves

    14 April 2014 News

    This week's news includes an increase in chicken rotisserie sales, ecotourism in Progreso, flying kites in Progreso, unexpected places for lovely embroidery and a call for English speakers by the Merida English Library...

  • Yucatan News: Biospheres and Tangos

    7 April 2014 News

    This week, great news about chemistry student entrepreneurs, biospheres thriving and attracting tourists, good news for Telchac Puerto and more...

  • Yucatan News: Lidia Saleh & Aquaculture

    31 March 2014 News

    This week news about the largest exporter of ornamental aquatic plants in all of Latin America, kudos for Lidia Saleh of AFAD, entrepreneur training in Yucatan, stellar performances by chemistry students here and much more!

  • Yucatan News: Clean Beaches & Chichen Itza

    24 March 2014 News

    This week, news about Clean Beaches, Chicxulub Crater's tourism potential, rescued circus animals, the equinox at Chichen Itza and preparation for possible drought and possible hurricanes... all good information!!

  • Yucatan News: Google & St. Patrick

    17 March 2014 News

    This week, news about Julio Iglesias, Sunday mass in English, fire season, St. Patrick's Day in Merida, the flight of the snowbirds and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Bees and Chinese

    10 March 2014 News

    This week, there is news about the success of Progreso's Carnival, a possible shortage of lemons, education in the art of Mexico, the participation of Chinese in Merida's performing arts and the women beekeepers in rural Yucatan...

  • Yucatan News: Dengue and Laptops

    4 March 2014 News

    This week's news includes laptops for teachers, the Carnival windfall in Progreso, global recognition for local architects, progress against dengue with a new vaccine, and AA meetings around the area...

  • Yucatan News: Organics & Ecotourism

    24 February 2014 News

    This week there is news about organic farming, the growth of telecommunications companies in Yucatan, the support of ecotourism and in particular, native wildllife, and some new inventions for sustainable, green homes...

  • Yucatan News: Honey and Math!

    17 February 2014 News

    Interesting news this week about organ donation in Yucatan, about the honey and habanero industries, about changing the way math is taught in schools here, about bicycling to school and about medical tourism. Check it out...

  • Yucatan News: Women and Belize

    10 February 2014 News

    News about women's naming rights, life review therapy for the elderly, new flights to Belize, career day for students, walk for breast cancer and even a recipe for pickled onions!

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