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  • Yucatan News: Three Amigos

    14 June 2016 News

    This week, news about weather, elaborate ceilings, difficult borders, complicated problems and three guys in kayaks...

  • Yucatan News: Its Not Easy Becoming Green

    6 June 2016 News

    This week, news about tree planting in Merida, research in Yucatan, repairs in the historic centro, tracking Venus and more...

  • Yucatan News: Avocados and Calesas

    30 May 2016 News

    This week learn about the progress of the dengue vaccine, the Chicxulub drilling, the advance of the avocado, the future of the calesas in Merida and more...

  • Yucatan News: Mosquito Fish and Marines

    22 May 2016 News

    This week learn why Trump dislikes Mexico, that the Marines have landed, that Chunchucmil weathered a storm and how Progreso got garbage cans...

  • Yucatan News: Fox and Frida

    16 May 2016 News

    This week, news about deportations, medals, transplants, turtles, cars, treasures, bartering, nudes in a forest and Vicente Fox!

  • Yucatan News: Cities, Old and New

    8 May 2016 News

    A young Canadian discovers a new Maya city, Merida goes to Harvard, cleans up its image, send students to China and more...

  • Yucatan News: Solar, Spiders & Summer

    2 May 2016 News

    This week the Ayuntamiento goes solar, scholarships are available for journalists and Yucatan children are growing bigger...

  • Yucatan News: Pregnant Parking

    25 April 2016 News

    This week, read about the wellness boom in Mexico, teen pregnancy in Yucatan, pregnant parking spaces, diesel fuel from garbage and more...

  • Yucatan News: Shoes and Sympathy

    17 April 2016 News

    Tourism in Acapulco, Hunucma shoe company, Manny Casanova in California, Luis Gongora, PEMEX and more...

  • Yucatan News: Eggs and Earthquakes

    10 April 2016 News

    Read all about Yucatan's relationships with China and Germany, earthquakes in Yucatan, a marine park, caring for pets in the heat, planting trees and more...

  • Yucatan News: Advertising Merida

    2 April 2016 News

    In the news this week, Yucatan has more job openings than ever, Merida is being advertised, Chinese expats, heat and electricity...

  • Yucatan News: Fleas and Belize

    28 March 2016 News

    This week, learn about tissue engineering, the causes of beached dolphins and whales, additional flea danger, Belize tourism, Profepa shutting down a housing project and more...

  • Yucatan News: Deer, Books and Obama

    20 March 2016 News

    This week, news about Spring, the Equinox, tourism, books, oil, deer, road repairs, Obama in Cuba and more!

  • Yucatan News: Physics and BiciRuta

    7 March 2016 News

    This week, news about UADY, Uber arrives in Merida, a night time BiciRuta, outstanding physics students, Forbes' love of Merida and the return of henequen...

  • Yucatan News: Travel to Cuba

    26 February 2016 News

    Merida Restaurant Week, a Yucatecan son makes us proud, travel to Cuba, wind farms, a beached whale in Progreso, how Mexico stacks up in internet access and more...

  • Yucatan News: Merida on TV

    22 February 2016 News

    This week, Merida on TV through the UN-Habitat program, heart surgery for children, fire season, custom canes, a drowning in Sisal and more...

  • Yucatan News: Carrier and Culture

    14 February 2016 News

    This week, learn about Yucatecans visiting the Pope, urban growth, new projects, a grouper ban, Carrier Corporation and the dangers of talking on a cel phone during a storm...

  • Yucatan News: Maps, Votes and the Pope

    7 February 2016 News

    This month, more about voting, Google maps bug, the women's annual dance, more about zika, the Pope and more!

  • Yucatan News: Progreso is another word for Progress

    31 January 2016 News

    This week, news about a year-round Spay/Neuter program, urban renewal, CAPP, women entrepreneurs, jobs and more...

  • Yucatan News: Maya Food and Cow Computers

    24 January 2016 News

    More international attention on local food, Yucatan transplants, following the herd by internet, a pig roast for Chicxulub and more...

  • Yucatan News: Sea Water and Best Honey

    16 January 2016 News

    News this week about Elvia Carrillo Puerto, femicide, conventions, dengue, depression, sea water, a book signing and more...

  • Yucatan News: Cubans and Biker Fest

    12 January 2016 News

    This week, find out how Xcaret measures up, how Merida measures up and how maybe Justin Bieber doesn't measure up just yet...

  • Yucatan News: Accidents and Fires

    4 January 2016 News

    This week in the news: Christmas tree recycling, a market fire, centro restoration, traffic accidents, supplies needed, Felipe Carrillo Puerto and more...

  • Yucatan News: Music Palace and Butterflies

    19 December 2015 News

    This week, the Music Palace, the return of the monarchs, a fabulous house, posadas and more...

  • Yucatan News: Rosy and the Robots

    12 December 2015 News

    Read about pollution in Yucatan's cenotes, Rosy the pitcher, a dengue vaccine, sports tourism and more...

  • Yucatan News: Presidents and Rain

    6 December 2015 News

    This week the President of Mexico visited Merida, record rainfall, respiratory diseases, book deliveries, neighborhood watches and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Chicks, Plants and Police

    28 November 2015 News

    This week in the news, housing for the Yucatan police, the effects of houseplants, about that chikungunya, the auto industry and more...

  • Yucatan News: Manzanero and Sandals

    23 November 2015 News

    This week, read about Yucatan's Tourism awards, the Yucatan justice system, the benefits of plantains, Armando Manzanero in D.C. and much more...

  • Yucatan News: The Sea and the Internet

    14 November 2015 News

    News of seismic activity, octopus and sea cucumbers, a shelter for cancer victims, 911 in Mexico and more...

  • Yucatan News: Mangroves and Monsanto

    8 November 2015 News

    This week's news is about yellow fever (really?), seismic surveys causing havoc in the Gulf, the cost of mangrove destruction, a vet convention in Merida, and more...

  • Yucatan News: Castro, Shrek and a Thief for Love

    30 October 2015 News

    This week the news ranges from a visit from Cuba's Raul Castro to new advance directives conversations, ambulances, trees, vegan products and more...

  • Yucatan News: Mosquitoes and Maya Teachers

    25 October 2015 News, Reader's Polls

    News this week includes a need for Maya teachers, spreading mosquitoes, and update on Duke and Theresa and more. And take our poll... have you been sick this year?

  • Yucatan News: Blood, Books, Toys

    18 October 2015 News

    There's a contest to draw or photograph birds, a bloodbank for cats and dogs, a few new books, a Christmas collection, a Farmer's Market and more...

  • Yucatan News: Fruit & Museums

    11 October 2015 News

    This week, news about fruit, indigenous peoples, ties to Germany, more about dengue & chikungunya and Merida's museum gets a top award...

  • Yucatan News: Fairs and Festivals

    4 October 2015 News

    News this week includes cold fronts, street vendors, Uxmal and a cancer vaccine...

  • Yucatan News: Bees and Baby Tigers

    25 September 2015 News

    This week read about naming baby tigers, Africanized bees, the Church and organ donation, education of young girls and more...

  • Yucatan News: Rain and ATM Scams

    19 September 2015 News

    Rain in Merida, Yucatecan fashion designer, Merida in Milan, flights to Rome, a new dog squad and so much more...

  • Yucatan News: Espinoza Paz & Progreso

    11 September 2015 News

    This week ring in Mexico's freedom with Espinoza Paz, make your own mosquito repellant, plan for the Expo and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Shamans & Mangroves

    4 September 2015 News

    This week, read about shamanism courses, mangroves, Yucatan dance teams, sour orange diabetes treatment, and the success of the PVC kelp barrier...

  • Yucatan News: Best Quality of Life

    31 August 2015 News, Reader's Polls

    This week, information on the new buses in Merida, the best quality of life, the highway collapse on the Riviera Maya, fumigating schools, a new restaurant for dogs and more...

  • Yucatan News: Healers and Ambassadors

    24 August 2015 News

    This week, news about certifying traditional healers, more rain, new ambassadors and consulates, investing in education, Chichen Itza and more...

  • Yucatan News: Papayas and Yachts

    14 August 2015 News, Reader's Polls

    This week, news about papayas, a new book, the pink in flamingos, the red in your eyes, the red tide, quintuplets, yacht rentals and so much more...

  • News of Yucatan for July 2015

    1 August 2015 News

    Here's all the news from July in Yucatan... including the fair in Dzitya, a new Archbishop, a convention of wedding planners, Yucatan poverty levels, gardening in Merida and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Water and WWII

    23 March 2015 News

    In this week's news, find out what the state of Yucatan is doing to fight obesity, recent updates on the turnout for the Equinox, learn about new Merida buses, water quality in the Yucatan, a new animal rights law, the Yucatan heroes of WWII and more...

  • Yucatan News: Reading and Kitesurfing

    16 March 2015 News

    This week, news about ornamental fish, pumpkin seeds, livestock, kitesurfing, Merida as a possible Tianguis location, reading and much more...

  • Yucatan News: Cancer and Cleantech

    10 March 2015 News

    Read all about the Davis Cup elimination round played in Merida, UFO spotting, a Yucateca heroine, a 99-year old heroine, an upcoming IT seminar and the Cleantech challenge, among other things...

  • Yucatan News: Art of Eating, Italy & Good Things

    3 March 2015 News

    This week, there is news about the Art of Eating book award, cultural exchange between Italy and Yucatan, the falling rate of obesity in children in Yucatan, Chichen Itza, Progreso's biggest cruise ship day yet, the death of a beloved expat and much more...

  • Yucatan News: UFOs, Bees and Weather

    24 February 2015 News

    This week the news of the Yucatan includes the increase of chicken pox, the decrease of dengue, Mars and Venus, the addition of urban forestry and a children's council in Merida, the care of children with heart defects and much more...

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