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  • Preparing for Delegate Zero

    6 January 2006 News

    Starting with this latest tour of Mexico, Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos is calling himself "Delegate Zero" in reference to the upcoming elections in Mexico for President of the country...

  • The Maya Riviera Recovers from Wilma

    7 December 2005 News

    Hurricane Wilma struck the Maya Riviera coast of Mexico on October 21 and 22 of this year. Seven weeks later, the damage is still visible in many places, but the recovery is remarkable...

  • Wilma Aftermath

    30 October 2005 News

    This morning's Diario de Yucatan shows a big photo of tourists enjoying themselves on a beach called Playa Delfines, which is the public beach on the Hotel Zone in Cancun...

  • Cancun Refugees in Merida

    27 October 2005 News

    There were lots of people looking for hotel rooms the last few days. The airport was incredibly crowded, but people are getting out...

  • SF Gate Article on Merida

    26 October 2005 News

    Perusing the web on a totally different mission and found this article in the San Francisco Gate from 2001. Not much that the author mentions in the article has changed...

  • Hurricane Wilma Morning

    23 October 2005 News

    The Diario de Yucatan says that as the hurricane is leaving, thousands of residents are coming out of their shelters to survey the damage...

  • Suddenly Its All About Wilma

    20 October 2005 News

    We're not too worried about the hurricane. If we were living in Cancun or Tulum, we'd be boarding up doors and windows, but here in Merida we'll probably only get bad weather...

  • Mel Gibson in Yucatan

    27 September 2005 News

    This morning, Australian movie star Mel Gibson is on the front page of our local Merida newspaper...

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