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Christmas Kukis

Christmas Kukis

15 November 2006 News 0

Okay, this is a plug and yes we're biased because we know the owner and we even like her. But even if all that were not true, her cookies and especially her Christmas cookies are the best in Merida.

Maru remembers looking at pretty cookies in the windows of Mexican bakeries when she was a little girl, and the bitter disappointment of biting into them and discovering they tasted yucky. So she has made it her mission to create cookies that are both beautiful and delicious.

Her Christmas cookies are like Grandma used to make. Decorated with colored frosting and dotted with candies, they are really good. Even better with tea or coffee. We dare you to eat just one.

Every Christmas, Maru bakes cookies all day long and puts them in big baskets and sells them. She only makes a limited amount, so you have to get your order in early. She takes orders over the Internet now ( and if you order before November 20th, you get a little regalito (gift), namely una descuenta (a discount). Of course, even if you don't buy a basket, you can stop in at her shop, Kukis by Maru, and pick up one (or more!) of her baked goodies during the holidays. By the way, she also makes decorated cookies for Semana Santa (Easter) and Dia de la Amistad (Valentine's Day, but literally Day of Friendship).

The Working Gringos like to stop in and buy a cookie or two on our way into the movies at the Gran Plaza. We have a sneaking suspicion we aren't the only ones.


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