Set Free in Mexico

Set Free in Mexico

25 October 2015 Mexico in English 0

One of the best things about the internet these days is that you can follow along as someone else takes the leap that you yourself want to take someday. Bruce and Mary left their jobs and lives in Minnesota in their mid-fifties, and began an adventure that took them to Merida, Yucatan. We had their website linked to Yucatan Living, and then we heard that they left the area. Yep, after living in Yucatan for over four years, they upped the adventure quotient and moved again to Puerto Vallarta.

Because they love to document their explorations of their environment with words and photos, you can follow along as they started their life in Merida in late 2008. Read how they met people, how they found and negotiated rental locations, obtained services from various businesses in Merida and more. And then, in May of 2012, they left Merida and moved to Puerto Vallarta on the other side of Mexico. And now they are documenting their experiences in that city.

We think this blog may be valuable to our readers as it allows them to compare, through the eyes of one couple, the differences in life in these two Mexican cities. Bruce and Mary have lived in both places now for years, and have written monthly about their experiences. If you are trying to decide between the east and west coasts of Mexico as places to retire, this blog may have some valuable information. It is important to remember that living in the Yucatan is not for everyone. Some people cannot take the heat, others miss the mountains, while others just fall in love with Merida and Yucatan and can't imagine living anywhere else.

We think the more informed you can be, the better. This blog, Set Free in Mexico, can add to that store of information.


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