Debi in Merida

Debi in Merida

24 October 2011 Mexico in English 4

For years, Debi Kuhn has been blogging about her new retired life in Merida for quite awhile now. She's retired and loving it... and happy to tell you what life is like when you don't have to work all day. She's not a professional... she's a professional retiree, having the time of her life with her husband Tom in Merida. According to her blog, she's been doing this since 2007, so as you can imagine, there is a wealth of information here about living in the Yucatan. As of summer 2015, Debi and Tom have decided to move back to the United States... but the blog will continue and will be a source of good info for a long time.


  • Working Gringos 5 years ago

    Enrique, our entire website is our attempt to BEGIN to answer some of your questions. Also, our sister websites and We suggest you stay in a hotel in the center of town to start... that way, you can walk to many of Merida's tourist attractions. However, we also suggest that you take a bus or taxi and get out into some of the other areas. In general, you will find more wealthy communities as you go north of the centro, and more economical communities as you go south. But that is just a generalization. Some of the most coveted areas in the centro are south of the Plaza Grande, such as L'Ermita.

    Wander, enjoy, drink it all in! Bienvenidos a Yucatán!

  • Enrique 5 years ago

    Hello, I recently been contemplating moving to Merida but I don't exactly know what part of Merida would be best and economical. If you could be kind enough to give me some do's and don'ts or let me know what area would be best I would highly appreciate it. Any input, guidance, or info of any kind would be great. I'm planning to make a trip in Nov 2012 and hotel info would be helpful as well.

  • Debi 6 years ago

    Guau! Thanks for the write up! Imagine my surprise.

    The mural Vivi did in my house is absolutely amazing. Even better than buying a piece at a gallery or show because I got to experience her actually creating the piece. I HIGHLY recommend having a piece of work done, in your home.

    Fabulous, Thank you for the write up, and thank You Viviana for the awesome piece of art!


  • Betsy Ward 6 years ago

    Wow! Love that mural, Deb!

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