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Job Offered: Sales

Job Offered: Sales

2 August 2016 Jobs in Yucatan 2

JOB OFFERED: Customer Service Representative.


Webasaur websites are created to generate business. Every aspect of a Webasaur website from design, graphics and text to font type, size and color are evaluated for effectiveness. Our performance metrics continuously monitor the site to achieve the highest possible results. Core values of client satisfaction, excellence, integrity and innovation infuse Webasaur with world class professionalism


· We are looking for money hungry people

· You must love web design and have a passion for sales

· Self-motivated

· Great voice to communicate in English to U.S.A clients.

We offer:

· Commissions start at $150 usd per new account.

· We offer secure income for 24 months with our residual program

· Can work from home or in our call center

· Part-time or full-time positions available

For more info or to apply, please send resume to

Or you can contact us by phone +1-805-832-1416


  • Brenda Fredenberg 10 months ago

    I am highly educated and hold a bachelors degree in social work...I have the psychological education to understand humans and their behaviors in a personal and social environment. I have worked many years in professional and medical environments...I love people and can work as an independent or team!!

    • paul Rodriguez 10 months ago

      Dear Brenda:

      Thank you so much for writing to us. Please send your resume to

      We offer part-time or full-time positions.

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