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  • Alexandra and John Wallner

    6 December 2006 Interviews

    We are constantly delighted by the interesting people who have chosen to make their home in the Yucatan. Here is an interview with two award-winning illustrators of childrens books who live in Merida...

  • Elayne Angel

    10 November 2006 Interviews

    One of the many things we love about the Yucatan is the level of tolerance for those of us who just aren't and never want to be "normal". Elayne has a few things to say about that too...

  • Malcolm & Jillian

    27 October 2006 Interviews

    Malcolm and Jillian are some of the first of a new wave of younger expatriates, moving to the Yucatan for high adventure and lower costs of living...

  • Emily and Alfred

    20 October 2006 Interviews

    Another in our series of expatriate interviews, this time with Emily and Alfred who operate Macan Ché Bed and Breakfast in the "Yellow City" of Izamal...

  • Belina Garcia

    1 October 2006 Interviews

    The following is the first of what we hope are many interviews with "re-pats": Mexicans who have lived in the United States or elsewhere, and have chosen to return home to the Yucatan...

  • Eben and Tanja

    13 July 2006 Interviews

    This entrepreneurial couple hails from London, England and has come to Yucatan to develop real estate and raise their children in a peaceful environment...

  • Jason Buff

    21 June 2006 Interviews

    At the tender age of 27, having moved from city to city since graduation from college, Jason decided once again to quit another job in North Carolina and head to Mexico...

  • El Maloso

    3 June 2006 Interviews

    Not your typical interview with not your typical expatriate...

  • Ellyne Basto

    28 May 2006 Interviews

    Ellyne and her Yucateco husband have come home to Merida to operate their bed and breakfast, Cascadas de Merida...

  • Trudy Woodcock

    28 April 2006 Interviews

    Trudy is an expatriate from Canada who has found a way to marry her love of all things Mayan with a new career path...

  • Madeline Parmet

    1 April 2006 Interviews

    This is not an interview with Madeline. No it's not. But thanks to her humble servant Violene, we gain some insight into the owner of Luz en Yucatan...

  • Keith Heitke

    25 March 2006 Interviews

    Anyone who has met Keith knows he is one of the sweetest people around. Here's an interview with a leading real estate agent in Merida...

  • Chris Brown

    13 February 2006 Interviews

    We met Chris on the Internet and discovered he has a passion for following his heart...

  • Arielle Newman

    8 February 2006 Interviews

    Arielle, an expatriate living in Playa del Carmen, is a one-stop shop for what ails you. Yoga anyone?..

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