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  • Yucatan Symphony Orchestra Spring 2011

    20 January 2011 Culture

    The Yucatan Symphony Orchestra has nine unique and exciting programs for the first half of 2011. Read all about them here, then click on the link for information about buying tickets...

  • AANY 2010 Winter Show

    14 December 2010 Culture

    The Winter 2010 AANY show is over now. In anticipation of the next show (in the spring), here are some stories of the artists who participated, what it takes for them to be there, and what it means to them to be a part of this growing event...

  • Yucatan Symphony Orchestra 2010

    8 September 2010 Culture

    The Yucatan Symphony Orchestra begins its season on September 10. Here is the 2010 Program with details about the music and the musicians...

  • Mayan Language for Beginners

    7 September 2010 Culture, Yucatan Survivor

    Bridging the gap between ourselves and the local Maya culture can start by learning some basic conversational Mayan Language phrases with Dr. Steven Fry...

  • Crossing Cultures Respectfully

    17 May 2010 Culture

    An important part of Yucatan culture is to show respect in every sphere of public life. Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado, author and long-time resident of Merida who moved here from from Canada, explains...

  • Experiencing the Temazcal

    11 May 2010 Culture

    Follow Heather to Na' Lu'um on her quest to experience the therapeutic and spiritual purifications of an Aztec/Mayan sweat bath or Temazcal...

  • Yucatan Wedding

    11 April 2010 Culture

    The first time we circled the park in Itzimná, a wedding was just finishing and people were filing out of the church. By the time...

  • Merida's Pipe Organ

    18 March 2010 Culture

    Did you know that the Cathedral on Merida's Plaza Grande houses one of only two organs in Southern Mexico? and that it is one of the largest organs in all of Mexico? More...

  • Visit to a Mayan Healer

    1 March 2010 Culture

    On her latest trip to the Yucatan, Heather Rath found herself in the hut of a traditional Mayan healer, seeking relief from the stress of 21st Century living...

  • Symphony of Yucatan - 2010 Season

    1 February 2010 Culture

    Here's the schedule for the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra for the Spring of 2010.

  • Candelaria Fiesta in Valladolid

    30 January 2010 Culture, Valladolid Living

    Every year for 12 days the city of Valladolid, Yucatan honors its holy patron the Virgen de la Candelaria. Be ready for cowboy boots, crockery, prize winning bulls, barbeque and carnival games...

  • Juan Carlos Lomónaco & The Symphony

    11 September 2009 Culture

    Juan Carlos Lomónaco, the new director of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra gives Yucatan Living an interview about his work and the program for their fall season "Sounds of the World".

  • Carla Dirlikov, Cultural Envoy to Mexico

    17 June 2009 Culture

    In the quiet corners of Merida and the state of Yucatan, a cultural envoy from the United States is bringing the gift of music to old and young alike...

  • Yucatan Music Review - June 2009

    16 June 2009 Culture

    Our new music and performance correspondent, Katalina McNulty, reviews five of the top local musical acts in Merida and tells you why you don't want to miss their next performances...

  • Singing About Scissors: José Adán Pérez

    30 May 2009 Culture

    The Barber of Seville was performed in Merida, with José Adán Pérez in the leading role of Figaro. This young man from Mazatlán has come a long way in a very short time...

  • Yucatan Symphony 2009 Spring/Summer Schedule

    20 January 2009 Culture

    Here is the entire Spring/Summer schedule for the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra at the Teatro Jose Peon Contreras. Make your plans and buy your tickets early!

  • Presenting New Artisans

    27 October 2008 Culture

    Coming up the last weekend of November, here's your chance to discover some new and exciting artists from around the state of Yucatan. Don't miss this!

  • Yucatan Orchestra Season Begins

    23 September 2008 Culture

    The Yucatan Symphony Orchestra has begun its 2008-2009 Season... and things are changing. When we saw the names of four different conductors on the schedule, we asked our friend, violinist Elizabeth Arnott, to tell us what is going on...

  • RC Airplanes in Merida

    31 July 2007 Culture

    A growing hobby around the world has a loyal contingent of fans here in Merida. The Working Gringos ventured out on a Saturday morning to find out more about the RC airplane community here...

  • See Well to Live Better

    2 April 2007 Culture

    Bob Martin, the executive director of the Tree-Land Foundation, writes about the recent inauguration of the “See Well to Live Better” Clinic of Visual Health in Merida...

  • The Inside Scoop on Fútbol Jerseys

    5 March 2007 Culture

    Want to get into the fútbol spirit when you are traveling to Mexico? Fútbol, or soccer to you norteamericanos, is not a sport here... it's a matter of national pride. Reg McGhee gives you the lowdown...

  • What's in a (Spanish) Name?

    13 January 2007 Culture

    After moving to Mexico, we were confronted with a whole new set of Spanish names, unusual nicknames and names you'll probably only find in Yucatan...

  • Mayan for Ts'ulo'ob

    30 November 2006 Culture, Yucatan Survivor

    If you live in Yucatan, sooner or later you'll need to read and speak some Mayan. Here are the basics of how the language works...

  • Cual de Los Dos?

    16 September 2006 Culture

    The other day we were working on a website for some Mexican artists who now live in Merida. While reviewing the titles of their paintings, we saw one called “Cual de Los Dos” (Which of the Two?)...

  • Buenisimo!!!

    26 May 2006 Culture

    We recently received the following email from a Yucateca friend. It contained a "Rosetta Stone" of local, modern Yucatan culture...

  • Topes

    21 March 2006 Culture

    Anyone who has traveled by car in Yucatan - or anywhere else in Mexico for that matter - quickly discovers the tope...

  • Mexico Sweet Mexico

    14 March 2006 Culture

    Not long after we moved here, it occurred to us that Mexicans and Mayans have a collective sweet tooth...

  • La Policia

    5 March 2006 Culture

    Here in the center of Merida, we see four different types of policemen. Now we know what they're called. Sort of...

  • Merida Carnival Video 2006

    2 March 2006 Video, Culture

    This is a "highlights" reel from the final Carnival parade in Merida on Fat Tuesday, called the "War of the Flowers", where people toss flowers at each other...

  • A Bright Christmas

    16 December 2005 Culture

    We're dreaming of a whiiiiiiite Chriss-mas! Can't really sing that song here. It never snows in the Yucatan. So instead, Mexicans opt for a bright Christmas...

  • Rama Rama

    8 December 2005 Culture

    These words used to conjure up visions of Hare Krishna, orange robes and George Harrison for us...

  • Yucatan Mailman

    15 November 2005 Culture

    We'd always heard that the mail in Mexico doesn't work that well. And it does take longer for things to get where they are supposed to go when you use it. But we like the idea of supporting our local mailman...

  • Mayan Quinceanos

    4 October 2005 Culture

    For those of you who know anything about the hispanic culture, you know that a girl's 15th birthday is a sort of coming-out, a celebration of her graduation from child to woman...

  • Lunch the Yucatecan Way

    23 September 2005 Culture

    A new comida casera just opened around the corner. This place used to be a store that manufactured screws to order, and so the doors still bear the name, Casa de Los Tornillos...

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